Place Your Systems on Autopilot with AI and Automation to help you scale.

Discover the Game-Changing Impact of Tailored AI Automation Solutions by FG Automation. Designed to Align with Your Enterprise Workflows, Elevating Your ROI, Reducing Costs, and Generating Warmer Leads and Clients Ready to Engage with Your Products and/or Services.

Your Problems, Our Solutions

Are you tired of inefficient processes, high operational costs, and lack of customer service? You're not alone. Many of our clients faced similar challenges before finding success with our customised AI solutions.

Digital Agents

Support, onboarding and training AI agents, custom built and trained on your information.


AI-powered client delivery automations, lead generation & lead management automations.

Less Talk, More Numbers

By implementing our tailor-made solutions, we achieved the following for our clients:


Conversion Rate Increase


Average Time Saved (Hrs)

Combining AI Agents and Automations

By smartly combining these two AI-driven solutions you can build very powerful systems to fix your exact pain points while you scale:

Website/Social Media Agents

Have digital assistants that dont stop working. Ever. They are experts in your business and are able to connect to more than 800 apps. Booking meetings, assisting in e-comm purchases, you name it.

Voice Agents

Combining chatbots and follow up sequences, we can build lead generation and qualification funnels to attract and process leads effectively and efficiently and seamlessly.

Sales Systems

Convert the generated leads at scale to drive new revenue in your business like you have never seen before with traditional methods.

... and so many more!

Let's Save Your Time and Increase Your Revenue

Businesses lose billions annually on mundane tasks that could be automated. Employees spend an average of 520 hours a year on such tasks, equating to a loss of over $13,000 per employee annually at an average hourly wage of $25.39.

Research by Salesforce revealed that 64% of customer service agents who use AI chatbots spend most of their time solving complex cases, which is desired. By offloading simple queries to agents, employees can focus on more intricate problems that require human intervention​.

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